Sales Excellence Project for a Leading European Wholesaler

Client Situation:

Profit margins per sales representative were too low throughout the organisation. Sales processes, objectives, and messages were not defined, sales areas were not designated, and the compensation structure was not performance-based. The client’s objective was to develop a new sales strategy, to reorganise the field and internal sales organisations, and to define (and subsequently introduce) best-practice sales processes. The compensation structure should be adapted to the new sales strategy.

Our Approach:

The project was rolled out in phases across major European countries. In each country, a fact base with the characteristics of all current and potential customers was created, and customers were segmented according to their needs. Sales areas were defined, and an external and internal sales organisation to serve the customer needs was designed.
Together with sales managers, individual performance objectives for each sales representative were defined, including a personalised action plan. CRM tools were implemented. The former revenue-based bonus scheme was turned into a profit-based compensation plan with a team component.
The business reduced its sales personnel drastically while significantly raising profitability.
The project was realised in close cooperation with the regional management, which ensured implementation.