Merger of Two Oil Refineries and Downstream Activities

Client Situation:

The client had two refineries and additional downstream activities. The objective of the merger was to coordinate and to flexibilise production and the production mix to meet short-term market needs and maximise profitability.
In addition, the high down time should be minimised, while its output of high value products should be maximised.
The project should empower the employees to manage the company with a new drive, new vision, and new capabilities.

Our Approach:

  1. Definition and communication of strategic cornerstones and
  2. Communication of project, process, people, and successes.
  3. Identification of the major workstreams (finance, production, production steering, marketing and sales, human resources, and R&D).
  4. Nomination of a change team and a change leader for each workstream. Integration and optimisation of each workstream were managed by the responsible change team, which was coached by us.
  5. Coaching and training of the change leaders and change team members.
  6. Weekly fishbowls in which change leaders reported their successes and progress in their workstream.
  7. Setup of measurement definitions and implementation controls.

Critical for success were the following:

  1. Definition of clear strategy in which the employees believed.
  2. Nomination of change leaders who multiplied the change message.
  3. Fishbowl as competitive arena for change leaders.
  4. Political opponents had two alternatives: to join or to leave
  5. Assignment of the best people to topics with the greatest leverage.
  6. Creation of an open and fair process, with no room for politics. Successful people were rewarded.
  7. Achievement of early successes and communication of those successes.