A good marketing strategy segments customers based on their needs. Then, it develops corresponding products, maximises their perceived value, generates the demand for them, and manages sales channels so that customers will buy the products at a value-based price.
Good pricing enables a business to maximise its economic profit through smart price discrimination, which is based on a game-theoretic understanding of the market situation and the application of price elasticity tests.
Good sales strategies are effective and efficient.

We help our clients optimise all market aspects of their business: segmenting customers based on their needs, defining their product/service offering, and creating marketing and channel management strategies. We help develop pricing strategies and adjust organisations as well as processes.
In sales excellence projects, we help establish effective and efficient sales operations. We help define sales areas, design sales training, choose sales targets, and lead sales training to implement CRM software and incentive and remuneration systems. We are able to align the entire sales operation with our clients’ business strategy. Read more »